Why Eating Fat Can Help You Lose Weight

NutsIn a recent news release, a report says that “the average weight of American women is as much as the average weight of American men in 1960, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Over 50 years, there is an 18.5% increase in the average weight of obese women. The stressful demands of today’s modern culture results in this increase. Women are required to work longer shifts with less increase in salaries, causing them to spend less time maintaining their health.

Current working conditions can cause you much stress. You go through a lot of professional as well as personal crises. You don’t make enough money; your relationships become strained, and you feel alone and depressed.

Feeling an overload of stress can trick your body into storing more fat and gaining more weight. You pack on the pounds, year after year. You become very unhappy with your weight – and you are very embarrassed to be where you are.

What can you do to change your situation?

What you can eat today to start losing fat …

You try to change your situation by doing everything you can to lose weight. You try various diets and exercises. You avoid eating anything that contains lots of fats and grab all the low-fat or fat-free foods you can get.

However, even after all the effort you give, you still don’t lose any weight. You look at the scale, and it hasn’t moved at all. What are you doing wrong that is causing you to stay overweight all your life?

One common misconception that we have is we think all fat is bad for our body. It is easy to think that eating fat is what makes us fat considering the number of calories fat contains. But, it’s important that we realize fat by itself doesn’t make us fat.

Fat plays an important role in keeping your body healthy. There are fats that your body needs and can’t live without, known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). EFA helps to manage the fat that is stored in your body, so it is used optimally.

When your body metabolizes EFA, your cells generate energy. This energy helps keep your metabolism running and burning extra stored fat for fuel. When your body uses your body fat for fuel, you reduce the amount of stored fat in your body which results in weight loss.

Read this guide to know what fats you should eat

Eating fat to lose fat is one of the phases in the 3 Week Diet. This diet is designed by Brian Flatt. He tells you what types of fats to eat, when and how much to eat them to help you lose as much weight as possible in the shortest time possible. Brian believes that when you put the right nutrition principles into practice, rapid fat loss is not impossible and very achievable.

Many people have experienced tremendous fat loss using Brian’s program. If you have tried other diet and exercise programs but none of them has worked for you, then you can take a look by reading my review of the 3 Week Diet.

The main strength of this program is that it is made for quick weight loss in 21 days. You can try the diet yourself and see the amount of weight you can lose in a short amount of time.

Losing weight means losing your depression. You no longer become embarrassed by appearance, and you feel better about yourself. You start to gain control of your life, little by little. When you can lose weight by your effort, you know you can create more happiness in your life.